Stores See Shortage of Ammunition Supply

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COLUMBIA - Ammunition manufacturers warned distributors last November about a potential shortage, now local sellers are seeing an increase in costs.

Prices of ammunition have increased in part because of increased prices of components such as brass, copper, and lead.

Five years ago, a box containing 50 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition cost two dollars, it now costs almost five dollars.

Powder Horn Guns and Sporting Goods in Columbia said when they get certain types of ammunition in stock, customers rush to purchase as much as they can. The two most popular items include 9 mm handgun ammunition and .22 caliber rifle ammunition. These are used primarily for practice shooting and small game. An employee at Powder Horn, JD Schuenemeyer said if they get those in stock, they are almost always gone in one day.

Schuenemeyer said customers come in from as far away as Iowa to stock up on ammunition.

Powder Horn is one of the only stores able to offer particular types of ammunition, because the owner anticipated the consumer demand last November and ordered in advance.