Stores To Roll Out End Of The Year Sales

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COLUMBIA - Some online day after Christmas sales started on Christmas day, but retailers will roll out big in-store deals on Dec. 26.

Department stores will open earlier than usual on Thursday for special holiday sales.

According to an article published in USA Today, retailers expect a large crowd of after-Christmas shoppers on Thursday. Here is a list of some deals you can expect to find:

- Target will offer up to 40% off select clothing items and half-off select toys.

- Macy's will offer buy one get one free deals on men's designer suits and dress shirts.

- Wal-Mart stores will offer between 25% and 50% off many of its store items.

- Kohl's will offer 15% off store items to shoppers who spend less than $100 and an additional 20% off to shoppers who spend more than $100.

All department stores will offer additional online sales through the end of Thursday.