Storm Damage in Columbia

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COLUMBIA - A round of severe weather rolled through Columbia Sunday causing two confirmed lightning related damages and possibly a house fire. The Columbia Fire Department said it responded to a tree struck by lightning off of New Haven Road. Lightning struck the tree and the home, causing extensive damage according to home owner Monica McGeorge.  She said the fire department believes the tree is too large for the neighborhood and should be removed.

The Columbia Fire Department also confirmed a lightning strike hitting at The Links apartment complex. It said a tree was struck and caused some damage to a nearby apartment.

Lightning may have caused a house fire on Clark Lane, although the fire department has not confirmed if that was the cause or not.

Crews responded to a walk-in report about smoke from a home and began to investigate. Fire fighters found a fire inbetween the interior and exterior wall near the roof.

No one was home at the time of the fire and no injuries were reported.