Storm Damages MoDOT facility and private property

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CALLAWAY COUNTY – Mid-Missourians are dealing with the after effects of Friday morning's storm.

Skydive Flying V Ranch in eastern Callaway County, will be closed for business for the next few months according to owner Van Pray.

Pray, who lives on the property, said the damage to his property will cost at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

"Me and my wife were sleeping in the house and I heard, woke-up to the scream of the wind, grabbed her and ran to the basement," Pray said.

He said he came back up about ten minutes later and saw a significant damage to the airplane hangar and another building on his property completely destroyed. 

Fortunately for Pray, many friends and neighbors help him clear the damage.

"This is going to be cleaned up very fast. I'm very grateful for all the help," Pray said.

He tried to remain positive despite the damage.

"You can be woe is me or you can be, I can think I can build a new building," Pray said with a chuckle.

Pray was not the only victim of storm damage.

A Missouri Department of Transportation maintenance facility in New Florence was also damaged in the storm.

The storm knocked the power out, blew garage doors and damaged the salt tent and main building at the facility.

"Right now, we're trying to get the doors off that were tangled up, we are also working with some contractors to try to get some temporary repairs done so that we, we're able to make sure our salt is covered and our employees themselves have been out most day trying to clean up trees and stuff that have actually blown down on our roads," MoDOT District Traffic Maintenance Engineer Jennifer Hinson said.

She said repairs could take up to two or three months.

Hinson said does not know how much the repairs will cost.

There were no reported injuries or deaths from the storm.