Storm Shelter Installers See Spike in Business After Moore Tornado

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COLUMBIA - The series of deadly tornadoes that hit Moore, Oklahoma made many in Missouri rethink their tornado safety plans.

Precision Precast in Columbia has had so many requests for storm shelter installations that they are running low on materials.

Manager David Rothove said the company has been installing at least one shelter a day since the Moore tornadoes, which is a much higher rate than usual.

Storm shelters cost at least $5,000 to install, costing more if installation crews have to drill through rock.

This is a price that some cannot afford. Patty Perkins lives in a mobile home with no source of protection in the event of a tornado.

"We're sitting ducks," Perkins said.

She said the high cost has stopped her from investing in a storm shelter, but it is something she is considering saving up for.

Rothove said $5,000 does not seem like very much money when it comes to staying safe.

"How much value do you place on your children and your family?" Rothove asks.

According to NOAA, the best places to be during a tornado--if you don't have access to a basement or storm shelter--are on the lowest level of a structure, in a center room, or under a stairwell.

NOAA also reminds people to stay away from windows in the event of a tornado.