Storms cause Blair Oaks gymnasium damage

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WARDSVILLE- Heavy storms throughout mid-Missouri Monday night caused roof damage at Blair Oaks High School.

Winds caused two-thirds of the roof and half of the insulation of the high school gymnasium to blow off the building, which resulted in flooding from heavy rain inside the gymnasium and other areas of the building, including locker rooms and the gymnasium floor.

Blair Oaks Superintendent Dr. Jim Jones said early response to the accident was key in cleaning up and assessing the damage.

"There's still a lot of things to be evaluated over the next few days, but really a quick response really saved a lot of the property here," Jones said.

Many members of the staff, maintenance crew and summer school students showed up to help clean out the gym and the locker rooms in order to assess the damage further.

"Most of these folks that are here right now are members of our staff at Blair Oaks, again most of them are from our maintenance staff and our students help. And again, our coaches were quick to respond as well," Jones said. 

The cost of damages is estimated to be 400,000 dollars, and will include replacing the entire gym floor and some of the ceiling tiles. 

Jones said there is no specific time table for repair at this time and the staff is focusing on temporary repairs. However, he said the building should be repaired by the start of the school year, but some summer camps hosted at the school will relocate.