Storms Create Traffic and Hinder Work for Residents

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COLUMBIA - Parts of Mid-Missouri saw strong storms early Thursday morning through Thursday afternoon.

These storms have caused roads to shut down, schools buses to delay, and power outages throughout the state.

Thursday afternoon, the Twin Lakes Recreation Center was shut down because of flooding. Some of the sidewalks near the area, off of Chapel Hill Road, were flooded with inches of water.

Joseph Larsen, an employee at Worry Free Contracting, said the storm affected his work day.

"We were supposed to be painting an outdoor staircase," he said. "But the rain pretty much shut that down completely."

Larsen says the rain had begun to affect his day even before he got to work.

"The roads in general were definitely really dangerous. It seemed like everyone was slowing down and being really cautious," he said. "I got on 70 for a couple minutes and traffic was going 40."

Larsen said the storm may also bring concerns to construction projects such as The Den, off Grindstone Parkway.

"I would imagine that the rain would hinder the projects," he said. "With it being that sloppy, there's no way getting equipment in and out."

Flood warnings will continue until Friday afternoon.