Storms Rip Century-Old Walnut Tree Out of the Ground

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ROCHEPORT - After storms ripped through a good part of Missouri, one family in Rocheport is left with a big piece of their yard ripped out of the ground Sunday.

"It's not every day you find a hundred-year-old tree knocked over in the yard," said homeowner Patrick Totten.

Totten was surprised by the damage, mainly because other things in his yard were fine. Farm animal shelters and other trees seemed nearly untouched while one massive Walnut tree was lying on its side.

He said he was in town running errands when the storm hit, so he came home. He said his front yard looked a bit different, so he went to check out why.

"I saw the tree was a little different than it was yesterday afternoon," Totten said.

Now, Totten and his wife are going to see if anyone can use the tree for anything before they get rid of it. Totten said he figures someone has to have some use of it. He said he's kind of sad the big Walnut was the tree that took the fall since it was one he and his wife actually liked.