Stover Chief Appointment Draws Criticism

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STOVER - City officials swore in Trampus Jackson as the town's new police chief Thursday--but not without drawing criticism from some residents who don't feel he is fit for the office. That criticism stems from accusations that Jackson, while a Stover police officer, had a collision with a pregnant woman while driving drunk.

I was coming home from work," Morgan County resident Marty Skerlec said. "I was heading down (Highway) 5. I slowed down to make my turn onto T Highway, and I got rear ended very badly."

The Stover City Council held a special session Wednesday night to vote for a new police chief. City officials unanimously voted for Jackson.

"He does not parktake in drinking anymore," Stover City Council member Cody Worthley said. "Nor does he partake in the parties or bars or anything like that. He's a changed person in my eyes."

Skerlec was seven months pregnant when she says Jackson crashed into her while driving intoxicated. He was removed from the police force at that time. The baby and Skerlec survived the accident.

"He was a cop who got arrested for a DWI, and six months later almost to the day, not only does he get that job back, he gets a promotion. I don't understand that."

The city council had five applicants for the position. In response to the new election, Skerlec said she'll gather people to tell police to remove him from his position.