Stovery Mayor Sentenced

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JEFFERSON CITY - A district court judge sentenced Stover mayor Scott Beckmann Thursday to two five-year probation terms and a $10,000 fine. A jury found Scott Beckmann, 41, guilty of misprision, which is failing to report knowledge of a felony, and lying to a federal agent about Stover's water samples this past spring. 

The federal prosector asked the judge to take into consideration the fact that Beckmann perjured himself during his trial, backtracking on what he meant in mentioning "that chlorine trick" in a 2007 board of aldermen meeting. He also discussed how the DNR and EPA had addressed Stover's noncompliance in meeting safe water standards, but that Beckmann had ignored them, knowing that the city's superintendent submitted a water sample from a false sampling location.

Over half the courtroom was comprised of Beckmann supporters. Two pastors and other Stover residents testified to Beckmann's character as a hard worker and reliable mayor of Stover for ten years. Others came to encourage the judge to enforce a harsh sentence.

Beckmann tearfully addressed the judge before she handed down sentence. "I love the city of Stover," he said. "All I ever wanted was the best for the town." In closing, he mentioned, "If I could take it back, your honor, I sure would."

KOMU 8 spoke with a representive at Stover City Hall Thursday morning who said Beckmann was still mayor. The judge's sentence bans him from public office permanently.