Strawn Road annexation

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COLUMBIA - The city council is ready to move forward with the annexation of the land on Strawn Road.

The 47 acres of land at 840 Strawn Road is currently zoned as single-family residential land in the Boone County jurisdiction. The annexation would zone the land to permanent city zoning.

The land was donated in March 2017. The city held an annexation hearing to get input from the community about the land and to hear what residents think the best plan for the land would be.

Initially, the city council discussed splitting up the land into two separate lots and rezoning the land as both commercial and residential. Third Ward Councilman Karl Skala said that decision doesn't have to be made right away.

"We can rezone it at any time. If it comes in as residential property, which is normally what happens to property when it's annexed, that's just kind of a holding pattern," Skala said.

Some business owners in the area said there will be complaints no matter how the land is zoned. If it is used as residential or commercial, people will complain about it.

Skala said there are some outstanding issues to be addressed before a decision can be made on how the land will be used.

"It's going to require sewer and water infrastructure and that's going to be an investment, probably something approaching a half a million dollars," Skala said.

That cost could fall on either taxpayers or buyers of the land if it ends up being sold.

The official hearing about the rezoning will happen later this month.