Streetside Records to Close in Early 2013

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COLUMBIA - Streetside Records announced Thursday night that it would close early next year. The store's manager Nicholas Soha posted the news on the store's Facebook page. The post thanked customers for their loyalty, but did not elaborate on the reason behind the store's closing.

Streetside opened 30 years ago, and in 2003, national entertainment retail corporation, Trans World Entertainment bought the store. It could not be reached for comment on Friday.

The store launched a liquidation sale on Friday, which had many customers visiting the store to get their favorite CD's and records before they're gone. Customer Alejo Benedetti said he would miss the music selection availiable. "I've been here once before, and it is a shame that it's closing," said Benedetti.

Slackers, another music store in Columbia, could benefit from Streetside's closing. Assistant manager Ted Sharp said the two stores have an overlap in customers, and that with Streetside gone, people would be forced to look elsewhere for collectible vinyl records. "We've seen a definite decline in CD sales, but vinyl record sales are actually way up. People like to collect these, they're made in limited numbers, and they have more value than a CD," said Sharp.

No official date has been set, but the store is expected to close at the end of January.