Stretching Your Dollar: Black Friday

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COLUMBIA - In this week's "Stretching Your Dollar", KOMU 8's Angie Bailey takes you through some tips and tricks for the best deals on Black Friday. 

One tip is to get a plan.  Have a specific list for any of the stores you plan on hitting and don't deviate.  Wandering off your shopping path could lead to blowing your budget and you might not make it to the next store in time to get the most out of your black friday.

Also, know what's on sale.  Computers, electronics, small appliances and toys will be on super-sale.  But you can get just as good of a deal on cell phones, cameras and other items right now.  Know what to grab right now versus black friday or cyber monday.

Know where you should be and when.  Figure out what stores open first and how long you will be in each store.

Parking and traffic need to be factored into your plan.  Don't worry about parking close, just worry about being able to get out quickly.

You don't need to camp out or stand in line in most cases.  If you show up five minutes before the store opens and walk in at the end of the crowd, you'll almost always get what you want.

Do some recon.  Know the layout of the store and use that to your advantage.  Go in today and ask some questions of your favorite sales person.  Know if the items will be on the shelf or in a "special' location or both.  It's really helpful insider information.

A few common mistakes I see others making.  Ditch the shopping cart.  It just slows you down.  Get your high priority items and then double-back for a cart if you need one.

Remember to bring coupons.  There is no reason to not use them.  Also, ad match is still in effect.  Big retailers will still give you a compeitiors sale price but most won't match the black friday price.