String of stolen license plates around MU's campus

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COLUMBIA- Out-of-state vehicles around the University of Missouri are having their license plates stolen.

It’s been happening in garages and parking lots around campus since late September, according to the MU Police Department.  

Police haven’t found a suspect yet, but they have some tips for the campus community.

“If you’re leaving your vehicle in a university parking garage or parking lot, take note of your plates. You know, your front plate and your back plate and when you get home take note of it again if one of them is missing we ask that you call the university police department,” said Sara Diedrich, Public Safety Information Specialist.

Police say posters have been put up around residence halls alerting the campus community.  

After asking around, many students seemed unaware that the thefts were happening around campus.

One student, Venkatesh Satheeskumar, said he only found out about the thefts because of an email and has interest in staying up to date.

“At the end of the day if you’re parking on a Mizzou lot, chances are they’ll catch the person because you know they have cameras,” said Satheeskumar.

Police say they haven’t been able to get a clear photo of a suspect stealing the plates yet.

“At the end of the day all we can do is keep our hope in the police because I’m sure they’ll find out whoever did it,” Satheeskumar said.

For those leaving campus over the break, MUPD suggests checking your front and back license plates before leaving. They recommend people check their plates frequently on their vehicles.

MUPD wants the public to contact them at (573)882-7201 or Crimestoppers if they have any information about the license plate thefts.