Strive for Wellness Health Center Opens in Jefferson City

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JEFFERSON CITY - The Strive for Wellness health center opened in Jefferson City Monday and treated its first patient at 8 a.m. MCHCP Chief Wellness Officer Julie Watson said the center is intended to provide basic health care for state employees.

"We realize that their time is valuable. And quite often it's hard for them to leave work in the middle of the day to drive somewhere else and find parking, go to the doctor, come back and have to go to their desk. Sometimes it can take several hours so we want to maximize their time during the day and give them health care when they need it and where they work," Watson said.  

Cerner Corporation will staff the center with a family nurse practitioner and two medical assistants.

"Our staff is well prepared. We've had patients coming in. Our schedule is actually filling up much more so than I anticipated for day one," nurse Madonna Ferris said.

Watson said that if the Jefferson City location is successful, MCHCP hopes to expand to other Missouri locations such as St. Louis or Kansas City. 

"MCHCP chose this test market because it's a great place for our pilot. There's lot of state employees that work in the Truman building and around the capitol complex within walking distance."

Watson said the Strive for Wellness health center is not intended for primary care. She said it's mainly for common illnesses and immunizations.

Watson said that for a MCHCP member enrolled in a PPO medical plan, it's $15 per visit.