Strong Evidence Against Suspects in Double Homicide

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VERSAILLES - The Morgan County Sheriff's Office is expecting to file charges against suspects for a double homicide south of Versailles off Route TT Monday. Suspects' names have not been released, but the victims are Carolin Wilson, 53, and Freddy Wilson, 66.

The two were found dead in their home earlier today. Officers responded to a phone call they received at 11a.m. from the Carol Wilson stating that she had been shot. Shortly after they received a second call from the same residence.

A Morgan County detective later drove into a ditch to avoid a white van that was seen near the crime scene. The driver of the van attempted to hit the detective's vehicle head on. The detective's vehicle's side view mirror was knocked off and some damage was made to the left rear side.

When deputies apprehended one woman and two men in the van they found strong evidence of the crime.

"We believe they are the people that committed the homicides," Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty told KOMU-8 News, "They all had blood on their clothes, so that's what we are verifying."

The motive for the crime is unknown. The only connection established is that one of the suspects was doing some sort of business with the victim, Freddy Wilson. The department is hoping to find out more in the interviews that were being conducted Monday evening.

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