Structure fire in Boone County under control

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BOONE COUNTY - A structure fire in Boone County is under control after firefighters worked more than four hours Sunday morning to make sure the fire was extinguished.

Rick and Marilyn Leonard, owners of the property, said a neighbor woke them up when he saw flames early Sunday morning. 

The Southern Boone County fire department responded to the call.

They were on scene with two fire engines and three tankers. 

Southern Boone County Fire Chief Bullard said the building was completely ablaze when he got there. 

The Leonard's storage building was a complete loss, but no one was injured. 

Rick Leonard says it was more than just an area for storage. The building was also important to their family business. 

"It was my workshop, but mostly it held a lot of things that were necessary for our company," he said. "We have an air filter business, and there were a lot of air filters in that storage barn."

Bullard said the cause of the fire is still undetermined.

"Right now, my men are working to make sure the fire is completely out, and get to the bottom of the debris, so we can possibly find out what caused this," he said. 

Rick Leonard said he and his wife plan on rebuilding. 

"We don't have another choice - we need a building like that for our business."

Leonard said while the situation isn't ideal, he still feels lucky.

"I'm 66 years old, and I've lived here for 29 years, and I've never lost anything before now. So in that, I guess I'm very blessed."