Student Assessment Scores Show Mixed Results

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JEFFERSON CITY - State-level results from the 2012-13 Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) testing show student achievement differed among several subjects.

"We have some mixed results this year," said Sarah Potter, communications coordinator for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. "We went up in some places, we went down in some others."

The assessment tests, taken in April and May, held steady in communication arts and increased in science this year.

Students scoring proficient or advanced in science rose from 52.2 percent in 2012 to 59.1 percent 2013.

"We're taking a lot of data put together, and we're trying to move student progress forward so that we are right up there with the top states of the nation," said Potter.

The current numbers reflect the state as a whole.

"We know about some factors that affected the different scores, but really we're just talking about every kid in the state, averaging everything out," she said.

Math is a subject that saw a 1.6-percent drop from test results last year.

"We've still made some progress in the last five years, but from year to year we've declined just a little bit in math," said Potter.

She said that part of it has to do with the waiver the state received from "No Child Left Behind." She said algebra scores are actually doing a little better.

"We've actually eliminated some double testing on students, so what that does is your students who are more advanced, who are taking algebra in eighth-grade, are not also taking the eighth-grade math test, so you've basically pulled out some of your strongest math students out of your eighth-grade testing group," she said.

"It was sort of hard but the teacher made it pretty fun and I think this year will be a little harder but I think I can do it," said Trever Ulstad, a fifth-grader at Cedar Hill Elementary School.

Ulstad took the MAP test last year and said he thinks he did the best in math, a subject the state as a whole has struggled with.

District specific test results will be released on Friday.