Student Charged in High School Yearbook Prank

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COLUMBIA - The Boone County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has charged a Columbia high school student accused of changing another student's name in a yearbook to a sexually-suggestive term.

17-year-old Kaitlyn Booth is charged with misdemeanor tampering, which is more lenient than the arresting charges of felony property damage and harassment. The charge filed against Booth is for a violation of Missouri Statute 569.095. 1, section one, which states, "A person commits the crime of tampering with computer data if he knowingly and without authorization or without reasonable grounds to believe that he has such authorization: (1) Modifies or destroys data or programs residing or existing internal to a computer, computer system, or computer network."

Booth, a junior was arrested May 14 on suspicion of felony property damage and harassment. But online court records show the Boone County prosecutor on Monday filed the lesser charge of misdemeanor tampering.

Booth is accused of changing a senior's last name from Mastain to "masturbate" in the 100th edition of the Hickman Cresset yearbook.

The school decided against reprinting more than 700 yearbooks and instead placed stickers on the altered pages with the student's correct surname. Administrators estimated it would have cost $41,000 to reprint the books.