Student dropped off at wrong bus stop; school speaks on safety measures at 10

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JEFFERSON CITY - A community Facebook post on a Jefferson City page said a student got dropped off at the wrong stop Thursday.

The post said a bus driver dropped off a 5-year-old student in the wrong place, about two and a half miles from the student's home.

JCPS Communications Director Ryan Burns said "I can confirm that there was a single incident of a student getting off the bus at the wrong stop Thursday, however we can't confirm any particular details for that specific student." 

KOMU 8 News reached out to the post's author, but they did not respond. The post said the child made it home to her their parents after a person passing by called the child's school.

The post had parents and community members talking about what to do in case of a drop-off mix-up. 

Frank Underwood, the transportation, safety and security manager for JCPS, said if a student gets dropped off incorrectly,  it's quicker to call the school, not the bus company.

"The schools communicates with us, the parents communicates with the schools and we log it on a Google Doc sheet what’s going on, so if there is anything that happens, the teacher or somebody at the school is logging on that sheet," Underwood said.

He said JCPS is using technology to its advantage. He said the process enables everyone to skip phone tag and get instant communication at once. 

This year, Underwood said, JCPS is adding new safety steps to help students and bus drivers acclimate to the new school year. 

"We’re getting volunteers from our school district, our parents, our teacher aids, principals, some of our teachers, they’re riding every one of our schools buses with the driver," Underwood said. "They're helping the driver, identifying students, managing students, so drivers can focus on the driving."

JCPS also uses stickers and backpack tags with the student's bus stop location for elementary and first grade students.

"We do our best to resolve any issue as quickly as we possibly can," Burns said.