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COLUMBIA - A Hickman High School student altered the last name of another student in the 2013 yearbook and now faces criminal charges. The student changed a last name to "Masturbate" instead of the correct last name. Hickman High School principal Dr. Tracey Conrad said a student with access to the yearbook went in and altered the name after it had already been checked over and approved by staff.

"This is the first time we've dealt with anything like this," Conrad said.

Conrad said once the name was noticed in the yearbook, the problem was turned over to the school resource officer who then contacted the authorities and had the student arrested.

The student is facing first-degree property damange, a felony, and harassment.  Instead of reprinting more than 700 yearbooks, the school decided to cover the sexual term with stickers that say the student's correct last name.

Conrad said the yearbook does go through a series of reviews and edits by student yearbook staff as well as school employees and that initially the name was correctly printed in the yearbook. Conrad said the student had access to the pages because she was on the year book comittee and that she must have changed the name just before the page was sent to the yearbook processing company.

Fresh Ink Yearbooks is the company that prints the yearbooks for Hickman High School. No one there was available to talk to KOMU 8 News about the incident.