Student-oriented housing complex has more than 130 police incidents

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COLUMBIA - Elevate 231, formerly known as Aspen Heights, had more than 130 incidents that required police dispatch in the past year. 

Elevate 231 replaced Aspen Heights as manager of the student housing complex in October, management said.

Thirty-three of the incidents took place from the start of November 2018 to start of February. They include shots fired incidents, larceny and burglary.

One of the most sensational was a January robbery that led to the arrest of David Galentine and Jameion Parker. They are accused of breaking into a home, holding three people at gunpoint and making off with $5,000 in case.

Current and former residents say the history of the complex is worrisome.

Monique Woo, who lived in Aspen Heights for two years said she didn't realize its reputation until her friends told her.

"I was like 'oh we are having a party if you guys want to come'," she said. "They were like 'yeah no we’re not going to Aspen there is just too many sketchy bad things that have been happening there.'"

Isaac Schumacher moved to Elevate for six months ago so he could live with his four best friends for their senior year of college. Schunmacher said the cheap rent comes at its own price.

"We do have some interesting characters I think," he said. "There is a bit of a trade off I guess, ya know, living in an expensive place you’re not guaranteed certain luxuries."

Schumacher said there was confusion over the management transfer, and he wasn't notified until the middle of January. 

"We got that notification about a week before we go back [to Columbia]," he said. "I was kind of confused because they just kind of called themselves Elevate and I thought I was getting emails from another residential living space."

Schumacher said he was concerned about security.

"For being a gated community, it really wasn’t something to brag about," he said.

Woo agreed.

"Some days a security guard wasn't even there," she said. 

Elevate management said that it does have after-hours security, but wouldn't provide more details. Elevate refused to answer anymore from KOMU 8 News.