Student stands up to keep Megabus route

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COLUMBIA - For a while now, Megabus has been means for students and Columbia residents to travel at a low price, but that will change.

As of Sept. 30, the bus service will be halting operation in Columbia and Kansas City, but one MU senior won't give up. 

"I do believe a lot of people are losing out on this service, and that has emotionally made me want to start a petition to try to restore service," David Wallace said. 

The MU senior started an online petition to keep Megabus running through Columbia and so far has collected more than 700 signatures.

For Wallace, the Megabus was much more than just a way to travel.

"It hit home for me because Megabus is really the affordable way I would travel between St. Louis and Kansas City, being a college student," Wallace said. 

The senior also said it not only affects him but the community.

"You get on the bus and you learn about people's lifestyles and how frequently they use the service," Wallace said. "It makes me realize for a lot of these people this might be kind of a facilitator of their own livelihoods, and I want to make sure that livelihood is kept in tact." 

Columbia on the other hand did not have a single role in the decision. 

Steven Sapp, the city's public works information specialist, said Megabus is a privately-owned company and was merely using the Columbia bus stop.

"The relationship was simply a mutual agreement with no formal contract between the city of Columbia and Megabus," Sapp said. "It's unfortunate, but people have to make adjustments."

Columbia still will have Greyhound services, but for some, that won't be able to make up for the canceled Megabus.

"There is no comparison, you can't beat that deal any day of the week," Wallace said.

KOMU 8 News reached out to Megabus, and an official confirmed the service will stop by the end of the month. 

Megabus Director of Corporate Affairs Sean Hughes said the lower gas prices might be the reason for the lower demand. 

To view the petition click here.