Student volunteers help build houses in mid-Missouri

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JEFFERSON CITY - College students from other states are volunteering in Jefferson City to build homes as part of Habitat of Humanity's Collegiate Challenge. 

The trip kicked off Sunday night at the First Presbyterian Church in Jefferson City. Student volunteers received their hard hats and marching orders for the week. 

During their time in mid-Missouri, the volunteers will help build houses with construction crews to improve the community. 

The students are volunteering during what would normally be their spring break. However, one volunteer said the experience helps her as much as she will help the community. 

"I think this experience will grow us as people just as much as we will," Makayla Kosberg said. "We do these things because we want to help people but in the process it also helps us realize who we are."

Another student on the trip, Emma Brand, said it is enough knowing the city would benefit. 

"I'm really excited about meeting people and just working hard and knowing that our work is going to benefit people across this awesome city," Brand said. 

Assistant Director of River City Habitat for Humanity, Colleen Carl, said hosting students is great because of the energy and positivity they bring to the projects.  

"They have a lot of energy, they are strong workers, they're hard workers," Carl said. "They really come here because they want to do this and they want to make a difference."

But as another student, Anna Holle, explained, it is satisfying just knowing they are able to help. 

"It's just awesome to get to work with these people and see a visual example of how we can serve and love others and seeing the progress we can make in just one short week."