Students call out MU for lack of sustainable practices

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COLUMBIA — Two MU students are unhappy with how the university has approached sustainability. Clare Bassi and Brendan Hellebusch wrote a letter to MU addressing the ways the university could do a better job in creating long lasting success with its finances, social community and infrastructure. 

The pair said they wrote the letter out of frustration after attending many meetings with sustainability and environmental groups. 

"We would have all of these talks, but then not action," Hellebuch said. "We've been a part of these conversations long enough to know what the university is and is not doing well."

The letter lays out three main points of concern: social, financial and infrastructure. 

The students are concerned at MU's lack of response to the concerns and issues of marginalized students. They said the university's buildings use up more resources than they put out, and that MU invests in companies that use fuel sources that harm the environment. 

Bassi and Hellebusch said MU could be doing more to help the next generation of society be more knowledgeable about how to keep its resources intact for generations to me. 

The students have received support from universities across the country but have heard no word from MU's administration. 

"It's safe to say we have received more support from other schools," Bassi said. "We have gotten responses from Harvard, UNC and the University of Chicago, but it seems like at Mizzou, no one knows it's happening."

Hellebusch said he is not surprised about MU's lack of response, but has faith that administration will step up in the future. 

Bassi said this issue extends past the campus. 

"MU is the largest employer in Columbia and is such a huge part of the social climate in this area," Bassi said. "Right now, the university is not acting in a way that will be sustainable in the long run. That is everyone's problem."