Students from one MU college are making masks for MU Health Care

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COLUMBIA - The MU College of Textile and Apparel Management is making Personal Protective Equipment for MU Health Care.

Lida Aflatoony, a graduate student and volunteer, has been making masks since the start of spring break. Aflatoony said each day, the college hopes to make at least 1000 masks.

"We use a big machine that helps us with quantity," she said. "We can make more than 500 masks at a time."

Aflatoony said all the volunteers comes one at a time to make sure everything stays safe. She said for many of the volunteers, they are lending a helping hand for personal reasons. Aflatoony said her cousin Sarah is a practitioner in Italy.

"She is helping out overseas," Aflatoony said. "I can see how much everyone is struggling. If I can't be in Italy helping out, I can do my part here by making masks."

The fabric the school uses is coming straight from MU Health Care.

Aflatoony said right now, they don't have an end date in sight.

"We will continue to make masks as long as we have fabric," Aflatoony said.