Students have mixed feelings about upcoming school year

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COLUMBIA - The 2015-16 school year for the Columbia Public Schools district has finally arrived. Classes began Tuesday morning.

Many students at Rock Bridge High School geared up for the new year Monday. There were a lot of smiles on their faces because they got the chance to see each other as summer break came to an end. 

Rock Bridge senior Avery Jennings said he wants to make the most of his last year at the school.

"Senior year is going to be pretty exciting. I'm really excited to have fun with my friends and getting to lead Bru Crew and hopefully getting good grades," Jennings said.

Bru Crew is the student section for sporting events at the school. Jennings helped sell Bru Crew T-shirts to incoming freshman students. Jennings said he is ready to take on a leadership role as a senior and help freshmen adjust to high school.

"I'll be sure to show them where to go and help them feel comfortable in the school because it's a big jump from middle school to high school," Jennings said.

Jennings said he is a little nervous, however, about keeping up with his schoolwork.

"I want to make sure I stay on track and keep my grades up even though there is going to be a lot of distractions around me," Jennings said.

Rock Bridge senior Sydney Maly said she's anxious about balancing schoolwork with her extra-curricular activities.

"I'm super worried about time management and keeping my grades up, but it hasn't been a problem in the past so I'm hoping to keep that up," Maly said.

There are a few important dates on the district's calendar. Parent-teacher conferences for elementary and middle schools are scheduled to occur Nov. 13 and Feb. 26. The calendar for the entire year can be found on the district's website