Students learn to protect themselves against active shooters

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COLUMBIA - MU Alert is designed to let students, faculty and staff at the University of Missouri know when there is an active threat on campus, and the University of Missouri Police Department also offers training for what happens if people are directly impacted by the active threat.

Citizen's Response to Active Threat training, or CRAT, offers examples from other school shootings across the country, and teaches people how to act in that situation to minimize personal risk.

One of those trainings took place Tuesday night on Mizzou's campus.

A slideshow presentation was coupled with group participation to get attendees to think about how to barricade doors and escape if they are caught in an active shooter situation.

For example, one officer showed the way to grab a gunman while minimizing harm to a person's body.

CRAT is created for people in the immediate area of an active threat, while other parts of campus rely on the MU Alert system to let them know what areas of campus are safe.

MU Alert has adapted after events that have happened on or near campus as well as community input.

"We went from the type of response we did have to more of a canned quick response that comes out that gives them the basic facts, it refers people to the MU Alert system where they will get more details as they become available," Weimer said.

CRAT is taught multiple times throughout the school year.

"Everybody should have a plan in their head of what they are going to do, so if you're in a room you know your exits, you know how to get out, you know that if you have to use a fight what you can use around you to defend yourself," Weimer said.

This event was a part of MU's Safety Week.