Students Participate in Earthquake Drill

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COLUMBIA - Paxton Keeley Elementary School students put their studies on hold for a few minutes Thursday to participate in the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut.  The 11-state drill aimed to promote earthquake safety and knowledge.  More than 429 school districts in Missouri participated in the drill.

Paxton Keeley Elementary School chose to do the one-minute drill where students were asked to take cover and look around the room for objects that might fall.  They were also able to use an audio track over the intercom system to talk the kids through the process and explain what would happen in a real earthquake. 

The New Madrid seismic zone is the nation's most active earthquake zone east of the Rocky Mountains. Two hundred years ago, a 7.0 earthquake struck around the New Madrid fault and caused after-shocks for more than two years. The Missouri Department of Public Safety said that activity is why drills like the ShakeOut are so important.