Students Prtotest Limbaugh's addition to Hall of Famous Missourians

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JEFFERSON CITY - Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley has picked controversial Talk Radio Host Rush Limbaugh to be a part of the Hall of Famous Missourians. He will join other famous Missourians such as George Washington Carver, Walt Disney, Josephine Baker and former President Harry S. Truman. This decision comes shortly after Limbaugh's latest controversial comment where he called a Georgetown law student a slut and prostitute on-air.

A student organization "Students for a Better Missouri" plan to protest at the capitol at 9 a.m. Thursday morning. The organization issued a statement saying, Limbaugh makes his money by "purposely being insulting, offensive and discriminatory." They also said Limbaugh being added to this prestigious list is an "utter disgrace."

Members of the Hall of Famous Missourians are chosen solely at the discretion of the Speaker of the House which means if Tilley wants Limbaugh in the Hall, it will happen. When asked about the controversy Tilley responded by saying,"They probably all said things or have taken positions that are controversial at certain times."