Students react to Lincoln University president's resignation

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JEFFERSON CITY - Lincoln University students have mixed reactions over president Kevin Rome moving to Fisk University in Nashville.

The announcement of Rome's resignation came Thursday in a press release from the Lincoln University Board of Curators.

Lincoln University student Janee Bolden said, over the course of being at the university, she noticed she saw less of Rome. 

"He used to come around a lot, but now I barely see him," Bolden said. "It's like we don't really know anything about him anymore."

Troy Grellner, a senior, said, from what he's heard around campus, a lot of students are upset about Rome's resignation, but he's feeling the opposite because he doesn't think Rome did a good job.

"I feel like he came here just to get money," Grellner said. "He gave himself a raise even though he cut departments." 

Grellner works for the university to pay for his education and he said his hours were cut and students were let go from their on-campus jobs because of the budget cuts on campus. 

"I used to work 40 hours a week and now I only get 20 hours and I had to find another job," he said. 

Freshman Diamond Jones said she was "disappointed" when she heard Rome was leaving.

Jones said a lot of students look up to Rome as a father figure. 

"Since he's the president, it's like he's the father to this university. It's like he's up and leaving his duties," Jones said. 

Grellner said he is remaining optimistic as the university searches for its next president. He said he hopes the next one is from the mid-Missouri area. 

"They could probably identify with what we're going through rather than someone who has no idea," he said. "Hopefully they've been in office or some kind of leadership role for a couple of years."