Students react to MU football players\' recent announcement

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COLUMBIA - There's mixed emotions floating through MU. Saturday night, a group of MU football players announced they are standing by #ConcernedStudent1950. Many other players soon followed.

But, not everyone on campus plans to follow this lead.

"This thing has escalated and escalated and has become kind of a storm of bad things happening," MU student Matt Hudson said. "But, in my opinion, I think it'd be best if people try to combat those racist people instead of people who aren't necessarily responsible for that."

Hudson said he wasn't really surprised at the players' decision. Still, he said he feels dealing with those directly responsible for recent racist events on MU campus would be more effective.

"In my opinion, [University of Missouri System President] Tim Wolfe is not responsible for drawing those things on the wall," Hudson said. "And, I think it will probably be better for everyone if we just try to get rid of those racist people instead of going after people in authority positions that don't necessarily have the power to change everything."

MU head football coach Gary Pinkel recently released a statement and photo on twitter. The tweet said, "The Mizzou Family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players."

Some MU students said they will continue to support their team as they always did.

"The athletics play a major part in the university, and their support is just as important as anyone else's," student Khawhyn Johnson said.

He said the athletes' decision "is exactly what the community needed" to become united.

"I just love to see things coming together, and we're finally fighting for change," Johnson said.

KOMU reached out to the lead activist group, #ConcernedStudent1950. The organization and other students are camping outside until Tim Wolfe resigns or is forced out. The group decided to refrain from any comments or reaction to the media.

A spokesperson said they are not allowing media inside the camp right now. She said the tents are still functioning as their "safe space".

They plan to release a full statement to the media when they are ready.

KOMU 8 News will update this story if we receive any response from #ConcernedStudent1950