Students react to MU's ban on hoverboards

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COLUMBIA – MU announced a ban on self-balancing scooters like hoverboards Friday to take effect immediately.

MU’s ban comes after the Consumer Product Safety Commission began investigating why some hoverboards were catching fire. The commission also warned consumers of the serious injuries associated with falling off of hoverboards.

Interim Chancellor Hank Foley, along with two other campus leaders, sent an email to students citing safety as the reason for the ban. 

MU is not the only school prohibiting the use of hoverboards and other similar scooters on campus. Colleges around the country are implementing similar policies. One MU sophomore said he doesn’t have a problem with the ban.

“I’d like to see them off the streets mainly because they do just look like a hassle,” Samuel Aguayo said.

Jackie Elkin, an MU senior, also said she’s fine with the ban. For her, it’s a health issue. She said with the poor health habits of many college students, it’s better to walk anyway.

But Geraline Arroyo, an MU veterinary student, said she doesn’t understand why MU put the ban in place.

“I think it’s kind of silly especially since I don’t think bikes or skateboards are forbidden on campus. So it’s another way to get around – I don’t think it’s the most efficient way to get around – but I mean if those other forms of transportation aren’t banned, I don’t know why this one in particular is,” Arroyo said.

In their email to students, MU officials stated that the policy could be modified at a later date. The email said campus officials would review the findings of the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s investigation and work with students, faculty and staff to develop a more permanent policy.