Students React to Pinkel's Arrest

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COLUMBIA - On the MU campus, Gary Pinkel's arrest was the buzz of lunchtime conversation. After the initial and universal shock, students expressed a wide range of opinion.

Marcus Williams took an "everyone makes mistakes" attitude towards the arrest.

"It's a shame considering the example he normally tries to set, obviously you don't want your head coach in this type of trouble. But I don't see it as a big deal, I don't think it's a fireable offense," he said.

Student Craig Jaworski added, "Stuff like this happens to everybody, but he is in the eye of the public and he represents Mizzou, and when people see that they're going to see something negative for Mizzou."

Others, like Dylan Peterson, took a more critical approach.

"I think it's unintelligent and irresponsible...I lost a friend to a drunk driver, so anytime something like that happens, it's just frustrating. Especially someone in leadership," she said.

Though no one called for anything as extreme as firing, nearly every student expected to see some sort of punishment from the university.

"Whatever a normal member of the faculty would receive, because he's a member of the staff of the university. There should be no special treatment," said Jake Jones.

And still others kept coming back to football.

"Well, Tony LeRussa won a national championship after getting a DUI, so maybe Pinkel will do the same," said Derrick Harington.