Students should be wary of fake textbooks

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COLUMBIA - As the semester winds down on college campuses, some students head to the bookstore to exchange their books. This year, a team of investigators says more students might not be able to do that because their books are counterfeit. 

Chief Executive Officer at MBS Textbook Exchange, Bob Pugh said counterfeit books are a growing problem and these books are popping up everywhere. 

"Its not well-known, but it's metastasizing into a significant problem," Pugh said. 

Students trying to return coutnerfeit books not only cannot get their money back, but could also face legal repurcussions.

Pugh said it is hard to tell these books apart from the real ones. The exchange has a team in place to detect counterfeit books. If they see one that could be fake, they send it off to the publisher. 

Pugh said it is hard to tell where these books come from. Once these books are found in circulation, the person who sold the book is at fault, even students.

Pugh said unfortunately there is not much for students to do to protect themselves against buying a fake book. One sign to look for is drastically reduced prices.

"If it looks too cheap it probably isn't any good. If it looks so good price wise, it probably wont.. it may be counterfeit," Pugh said.