Students show off skills In Missouri\'s Geographic Bee

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COLUMBIA - One-hundred students from across Missouri met at MU's campus Friday to compete in the Missouri Geographic Bee.

The students, ages 10 to 14, answered multiple rounds of questions with the goal of moving on to the National Geographic Bee.

A trip to Washington D.C. plus a $50,000 scholarship were on the line.

One contestant, a seventh grader from St. Louis, shared what he did to prepare for the bee.

"National Geographic has online quizzes you can use and other quiz websites and I have a few books that come in handy," Addison Steinbach said.

His father, Gabriel Steinbach, said his son's love of geography translates to a love for travel.

"Geography is a part of everybody's life and he really enjoys traveling and he actually enjoys a lot of imaginary trips and trips that we haven't taken yet that would cost a fortune to do," Steinbach said.

But Addison came up short. Nikhil Krishnan took home the title as champion for the second year in a row.