Students Simulate Poverty at Westminster College

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FULTON- Westminster College and the local Central Missouri Community Action (CMCA) partnered up to give students a simulated experience of living below the poverty line.

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Forty six point two million Americans live in poverty every day. In Missouri, the poverty rate is higher than the national rate of 15 percent.

"It is a great opportunity for the students to understand what is going on in the real world," said Kari Linz, member of Collegiate Jaycees and a senior at Westminster.

The simulation is sponsored by the Office of Cultural Engagement, Collegiate Jaycees, Service Corps and the CMCA.

The students formed "families" and were given some money to survive in a life simulator. They had to go to the bank, make loans, and deal with a low income in a made up environment. It is a role- play game that gives the students the experience of what life is like below the poverty line.

The CMCA is an agency operating in eight central Missouri counties that helps those in need by providing services and a support network.

"I just hope that after this experience the students go help out in soup kitchens, and throughout the community," said Linz.