Students Still Waiting for Apartments

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COLUMBIA - Students scheduled to move in to new apartments at The Grove Monday night found out late in the day that construction crews are still working to finish the last two buildings at the complex.   That means those students must now wait until Tuesday.

Unable to move in to their new apartment, students were told they could either pay their rent as normal and live in a nearby hotel, or get discounted rent and find their own place to live temporarily.  MU senior Aubrey Koehler chose to stay with a friend.  Although she has a place to sleep, she said she feels bad having to stay at someone else's house. She also said she is just ready to finally unpack her car.

Koehler thought she would be one of residents moving in Monday.  However, she got a call Monday afternoon and was told her apartment was not ready and she would have to move in Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. instead.  She remained optimistic that her apartment will be ready.

The Grove Apartments refused to comment for this story.