Students struggle to find affordable downtown housing

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COLUMBIA – More than 50 apartment vendors were a part of a MU off-campus housing fair Wednesday. The purpose of the fair was to help students find convenient and affordable housing options.

Even with all of the new student complexes going up in downtown Columbia, the choices don’t always fit with the budget expectations of the students.

Students who want to live off campus are looking at a large range when it comes to prices. The housing options in the lower end start from $250 dollars a month and, on the more expensive side, rent is  $1,500 a month.

“I think a lot of it depends on how much the students make. So they are looking at their budgets,” MU off-campus students service coordinator Nicole Logue said.

MU student Alice Yu said she appreciates the new student housing options downtown, but at the same time she acknowledges that it has changed the structure of the city.

“As a Columbia resident, it’s a little annoying to see all these housing complexes pop up because they are taking the place of landmarks I used to know and love,” Yu said.

Some students at the housing fair said housing prices are too expensive. According to Logue, one of the explanations could be that students have too many demands when they are looking for a place to live.

“Sometimes the expectations of what they’re looking for and what’s available conflict,” Louge said. “But I think there’s a place for everybody and our job is to help them manage those expectations so they can realistically find a place that will make them happy.”