Students taking part in nationwide march

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COLUMBIA - Students in mid-Missouri are making noise and want you to hear what they have to say.

Students at Rock Bridge High School are planning a protest for this weekend for gun control in Missouri as part of the March for Our Lives protest.

The march was created after the Parkland school shooting. 

One student, Anushka, says she is up for the challenge to get lawmakers to hear her.

“It's kind of a stand for initiative for gun control and making our voices heard against our lawmakers and just a way to show this fight is not over and we want to see change,” she said.

She said the Parkland school shooting inspired her and her classmates to get involved.

“It makes me really happy actually because I get to be part of a great committee and team and group of people who are organizing this whole thing and it’s taught me a lot things and just makes me feel as if I have a voice now. Before I wasn’t super politically active but now I am starting to become more and it's just a good experience for me,” Anushka said.

She said she initially thought organizing the march would be hard.

“It was a little overwhelming at first. I was like 'hey is this a thing we can really do, will it be as big like the women’s march, or other sister marches and over the course of the previous weeks.' I’ve been discovering that once you do something it’s not as hard as you think it may be and it’s just really inspiring being a part of something this great,” Anushka said.

Anushka’s teacher, Greg Irwin, said he is proud of his students taking a stand for what they believe in.

He said it makes him feel empowered as a teacher knowing he is helping students find their voice in society.

“I’m just excited if I can empower students in issues they care about, regardless of political persuasion, I want my students that are conservative or don’t have political feelings to feel empowered and I want everyone to have” Irwin said.

He said for some students, this is their first time participating in a political movement because some families don’t have the conversation about it at home.

"I’m proud of their activism and them really thinking about what they believe and try to find the best ideas and arguments,” he said.

The protest will take place on March 24 from 1-3 p.m. on MU’s campus. Protesters will start at the Quad and end at the Boone County Courthouse.