Students Wait on Open Housing

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COLUMBIA- As of Wednesday, most students living in MU residence halls moved in three weeks ago. But 19-year-old Tre' Long is one of almost a dozen students waiting for an available room. Long said officials promised he would have a room by the time school began, but for the last 3 weeks he's been renting from the local Motel 6. News Bureau associate director Christian Basi said no rooms were ever promised to students on the waiting list by the time school started. Long pays around $200 each week for a room at the motel. Long said he has called the office each week and still officials told him there are no availabilities.  

"I've talked to people on campus who are telling me there's numerous dorms that are open that have only one person in them and that I can move into right now and I don't know what the deal is with that but I've talked to a lot of people and a lot of people are upset."

Some students on campus say there are open rooms in several residence halls.

Chloe Cummings said she lives on the second floor of her dorm and she "knows for a fact that the girl down the hall is living in a single."

The office of residential life said Wednesday it takes 2-4 weeks to identify and confirm these openings. After the openings have been pointed out by staff members, then those students who are on the waiting list are contacted. Residential Life told Long Wednesday evening that he may or may not have a room by Friday but that there are rooms open.