Students \"Walk Out\" in support of Michael Brown

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COLUMBIA - University of Missouri students walked out of class at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, in support of Michael Brown. 

Students walked from class with their hands up to MU's student center, where they began a peaceful demonstration.

Students chanted "black lives matter" and "no justice, no peace". Students also laid on the ground for four-and-a-half minutes in silence to remember Michael Brown.  

The demonstration was student-lead, and one student involved talked about how the plan for the demonstration started.

"Initially we had planned a march and rally after the indictment announcement, but that happened during the break. So we decided to have a demonstration," Legion of Black Collegians political chair Jennifer Pagan said. "We basically wanted to demand justice for all black bodies like we did in our previous die-in which we had a month or two ago. It was the same kind of idea behind it, making people aware that we're here on this campus and that we matter. 

Pagan thinks these demonstrations are important to bring to the community's attention.

"A lot of the time people think it's an isolated issue, but it definitely stretches to all communities," Pagan said. 

After the initial demonstration, speakers and officials from the university spoke about their experiences and recited poems to educate listeners on police brutality.

One student who participated in the demonstration said being an African American male makes the issue important to him.  

"It affects me personally. College is one of the times in your life where you have a chance to be vocal about issues and want to make change. So while we're still forming our idea of ourselves, this is the time to make changes for the things you believe in," student Brandon Pascal said. "I have a very heavy heart for all of the incidents that happened to African American men with the police brutality and racial profiling. It's something that means a lot to me."

Students asked faculty members to speak at the demonstration and Vice Chancellor for student affairs Cathy Scroggs wanted to make sure all students know they matter.

"All lives matter. I wanted to remind our students that we're all in this together. Certainly we need to make some changes here, but we all want to be  apart of this change," Scroggs said.