Students want to give input on selection of next chancellor

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COLUMBIA - MU students have expressed they want to be involved with picking the next chancellor at the University of Missouri in Columbia, but it's unclear if this is a possibility.  

"The selection of the next permanent chancellor at MU will be made by the UM System President, once the permanent president is named, and is subject to a vote of approval by the UM System Board of Curators," John Fougere, Chief Communications Officer for the University of Missouri System, said in an email to KOMU 8 News.

In the Concerned Student 1950 group's list of demands, the group included:

"After his [Tim Wolfe's] removal, a new amendment to UM system policies must be established to have all future UM system president and chancellor positions be selected by a collective of students, staff, and faculty of diverse backgrounds."

MSA Senate Speaker Kevin Carr said any higher administrator's job is to serve students.  

"I think that we would want each of the student governments on campus to appoint a few representatives to sit in on those meetings so that they are aware of the qualifications and the background each person has. I think that they should not necessarily have a vote, but definitely have an opinion."

Carr said MSA had the opportunity to make recommendations when choosing the Title IX Administrator and the Missouri School of Journalism's Dean.

"It needs to be a collection of student governments. Our graduate students have been affected by higher adminstrative decision, obviously our miniority students have been hurt by the decisions as witnessed by all of the events that have been happening on this campus. And I think that you'd would find that people in Greek life were also hurt with lack of communication regarding the new regulations on fraternities."

One lawmaker said he preferred that the decision be up to the Board of Curators.

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder released a statement Sunday that read: 

"Student concerns must be listened to and heard out. There is a process for that. However, universities cannot be run by individuals' making demands or using extreme actions. The Board of Curators is in place to make informed decisions and govern, and they must be free to do so. Otherwise chaos ensues, and no student is served by that," Kinder's statement read.

"I respect the governing process in place at The University of Missouri, and support the men and women authorized to make decisions on behalf of all our students. I hope for a peaceful resolution and urge all parties to work to build a bright future for our state's flagship university," Kinder stated in a news release.

There is a student representative on the MU Board of Curators, but Carr said that person does not get to vote.