Students With Close Ties to Philippines Start Fundraiser

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COLUMBIA - Some University of Missouri students with family in the Philippines have created a way for people to donate money to help those affected by Typhoon Haiyan.

The typhoon flattened areas of the Philippines Friday and left more than 1,800 people dead. The Philippine government has said more than 2 million people need food aid.

Fatima Khan is an administrator for the "Mizzou for the Philippines" Facebook page and said its goal is to raise both money and awareness.

"We have a goal of $1,500, but I'm hoping we surpass that," Khan said. "Right now we're really trying to get the word out by having people 'Like' our page and we hope that will help lead to more donations."

Khan said the team is working with World Vision who will keep them updated on where the money is going. 

"As soon as we donate the money, they're going to tell us what its going to," Khan said. "Whether its shelters, food, care packages, or anything else they will tell us."

Khan is a senior at MU and has several family members who live in the Philippines.

"Half of my family is from the Philippines on my mom's side and my grandparents just moved back there a year ago," Khan said. "We hadn't been able to contact them until today when we saw an update from them on Facebook."

Khan said seeing the destruction unfold on news sources hit close to home and made her worry for her family.

"I've been texting my mom every morning since it hit, asking if she had talked to my grandma and grandpa," Khan said. "They're old and fragile so its just a lot of worry and I want to do everything I can to help."

The Facebook page has a link to where people can make donations.