Study: Legalizing gay marriage could boost Missouri\'s economy

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COLUMBIA - A  new study this month from the UCLA School of Law concluded that legalizing gay marriage could improve Missouri's economy. The study said the change would result in an increase of about $36 million in only the first three years. The study said the first year alone would bring an estimated $23.2 million to the state. 

The increase would mainly come from wedding revenue and the creation of new jobs. Columbia resident Ryan Rams said this change would be a great opportunity for businesses to blossom and for gay couples to stay and be able to live in the state of Missouri.

"If they cannot get married in the state that they live in, with their job, homes and where their lives are," said Rams. "If they have to move from where they are from just because they are not allowed to be with the person they love then that is an issue." 

The study also concludes the tourism coming from same-sex marriage would create roughly 300 to 900 jobs.