Study: One pay gap related to race found at MU

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COLUMBIA – A study examining compensation for faculty at MU finds that women and minority faculty members make about $16,000 less than their male counterparts.

MU spokesman Christian Basi said the study found one pay gap related to race in the College of Engineering. He said the university will take a closer look at that and make any necessary adjustments or changes.

MU Professor Renee Jiji is a member of the Chancellor’s Status of Women committee. She said the differences in pay could be explained by three variables: academic rank, administrative experience, and research productivity.

“There is no systematic unexplained differences in pay between men and women,” Jiji said. “It doesn’t say there’s no difference, it just says that we can correlate these differences with these three variables.”

The study concluded, “there was no evidence of an average unexplained earnings difference in favor of male faculty members.”

Jiji said studies like this need to be conducted more than once.

“I think that with the data that we had, the results are conclusive based on the data that we had, that we gave,” Jiji said. “But, also the recommendation was that we do this periodically to assess whether or not we are making progress.”

University of Georgia professor Dr. Robert Toutkoushian conducted the study and stated, “the results showed that for the university as a whole, there was not statistically-significant pay disadvantage for faculty in traditionally underrepresented race/ethnicity categories.”

MU Provost Garnett Stokes said in a letter about the survey that this study has its limits.

“Still, we have to recognize the limits of a study of this kind, which was not designed to examine salary equity in individual units,” Stokes wrote “Nor can a study of this kind tell us about the intersections of gender and race or whether those variables that do explain salary differences between different populations of faculty are themselves influenced by gender and race.”

The Medical and Law Schools were not included in the study because the salaries within these departments are determined based off other factors.

Basi said the university hopes to conduct a similar study in five years.

The complete study can be found here.