Study says teens are using E-Cigarettes to smoke marijuana

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COLUMBIA- A study from Yale University reports teens are using E-cigarettes to smoke marijuana and byproducts such as hash oil.

Wednesday, the City of Columbia Substance Abuse Advisory Commission met to discuss youth policies.

Substance Abuse Advisory Commissioner Steven Fines said that the E-cigarettes are not the problem.

"The focus needs to be on not the way in which kids are smoking marijuana, but how they're getting access to the drugs and why they're doing it."

Fines said the commission has to be careful with the policies they bring to city council because deregulating E-cigs would make quitting difficult for tobacco smokers.

E-cig user Melissa Singleton said kids are abusing the purpose of the device.

"I'm using these to help me quit smoking which is the whole point of them."

Singleton is also a mother of three and said kids will get their hands on the device no problem if they want.

"If the kids want to get a hold of this they will. Us telling them no will only make them want to do it more."

The study by Yale found that nearly one of five high school students that use E-cigarettes are using their vapor devices to smoke marijuana and byproducts such as hash oil. Teens are beginning to use the E-cigarettes because the products is vaporized and not burned, thus lessening the odor from the device.

In Columbia, you must be 21 years old to purchase an E-cig.


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