Study Shows MU Sports Bring Millions to Columbia

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COLUMBIA - The Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau released a study Wednesday showing the impact of MU Athletics at nearly $120 million. The study examined athletic events that accounted for more than $72 million of direct spending and a total impact of about $118 million.

This study was done by students at MU's Trulaske College of Business and looked at dates in 2009-2010. They wanted to calculate the indirect impact on the community and find change in flow of resources that occurs from outside dollars being introduced into economy.

A formula was used that was the sum of the direct revenue, the indirect revenue, and induced revenue. It used data from records of ticket sales, television revenue, donor contributions and fan spending, like food and lodging.

Increased enrollment figures indicate the positive influence athletics has on Columbia. Don Johnson, a Tiger fan, said, "The football, the exposure, ESPN Game Day, and all of those things have caught peoples attention and they said what is Columbia, what is the University of Missouri."

Mayor Bob McDavid and Athletic Director Mike Alden spoke at the unveiling of the study. Alden said this will help the community "measure the impact on really successful teams, years we maybe weren't as successful, and the impact on PR issues."