Sturgeon prepares to host its first Boone County Fair

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STURGEON- The Boone County Fair will be in Sturgeon for the first time ever. The city is preparing the John Dale Lawrence Memorial Fairgrounds and Park for the fair. which will begin next week.

Fences are being added to make the fair safer for attendees. Tents and other equipment will be brought in on Friday to prepare for the week's events.

The fair's official kick off will be on Tuesday with a family fun night. Other events, including a parade and horse show on Saturday morning, are open to the public.

The Boone County Fair's Board President, Jeff Cook, said he is looking forward to the city's inaugural year.

"The City of Sturgeon has open arms to us coming. They're excited about it. We haven't heard any negativity about it. I think it's good for both parties that we're here in Sturgeon."

Cook said he is confident the fair will attract just as many attendees in Sturgeon as it did in Columbia.

"Being a small town out in a rural community, we hope to draw from other northern towns that we necessarily wouldn't have drawn from Columbia," he said. "We still hope to draw the same people from Columbia. I think this year will pique a lot of interest to see what we've done up in Sturgeon and what Sturgeon has to offer."