Substance Abuse Commission Depletes Grant

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COLUMBIA -  Members of the Columbia Substance Abuse Advisory Commission said Wednesday the group is out of grant money to fund its efforts to encourage a safe tailgating environment, with limited alcohol consumption, during MU football weekends. 

"The next step is to try to find continued funding for our efforts," said Kim Dude, MU's Wellness Resource Center director. "We had a grant from the NCAA, and that grant has ended."

Dude said one option MU has been considering  is to have businesses sponsor a game.  This means MU's logo and the sponsoring business' logo would appear on all the giveaways for the sponsored game.

"The university is committed to ensuring the best we can, that our fans that come to our football games, enjoy the game," said Dude, "but also enjoy tailgating in a safe and responsible manner."